Quite simply I quilt because I have a strong desire to make things. I always have.
Twenty years ago I bought a sewing machine on a whim and thus my sewing journey began.
I love making quilts because it allows me to have the creative freedom that I crave whilst making something that is utilitarian. I love to see my loved ones wrapped up in a quilt that I made!
"I Don't Wear Blue", selected for the
Best of Quiltcon Travelling Quilt Show
Inspired by modern art, my style is defined by simplicity of form and design, allowing color and simple shapes to convey a message that is upbeat and heartfelt.  I employ liberated and improvisational techniques in my approach to making and designing quilts.
"Craving a Little Sunshine", Modern Quilts Unlimited Magazine.
I live in Montreal, Canada with my husband and our 2 children. 
I am the co-founder and current president of the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild and a member of Courtepointe Quebec Quilts.
My work has been published in Stitch Magazine, Modern Quilts Unlimited , Quilty Magazine, Quilter's World Magazine and in Sew Gifts!, a book published by Martingale Publishing.
I am a sewing and quilting instructor at Courtepointe Claire. My classes include Quilting 101, Sewing 101, and an introduction to Modern Liberated Quilting.

I am available to give (in english or french) workshops and a seminar about modern quilting. Contact me for details at

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