Thursday, June 7, 2012

When Inspiration strikes... just have to let it out!

Usually when I am working on a quilt, cutting and sewing away, I throw the fabric leftovers from that project into a pile by my cutting table.  The pile then makes its way into a basket and waits until I have time to sort through it all and organize it into my scraps bins.
Sometimes, it takes a good long while before I get to that and I end up with piles from various projects waiting to be sorted. 

Last weekend, I took some time to sort through a few piles.

I folded the larger pieces and stacked them to the side and sorted the scraps by color. As I later arranged them on my shelves, piles from different projects ended up sitting next to each, and I thought they made an interesting color story for a quilt. I left them there together and decided that, after I finish working on current projects, I would eventually come back to them and see what I could come up with.
Later, as I went about my day, doing housework, preparing dinner, sorting laundry and such, an idea for a quilt began to unfold and I suddenly had the urge to go down to my studio.
I pushed that urge to the back of my mind thinking that I have unfinished projects and pending deadlines to get to before starting something else.
But the urge just wouldn't go away. It kept getting stronger and stronger.  And, as I casually walked past the stairs to the basement to get from the laundry to the kitchen, a force so strong just just sucked me down! I tried to claw my way back up but the force was stronger than I.

So I calmly took the pile of fabrics off the shelf and started to arrange them on my design wall trying to see if I could bring what I envisioned to life.

The only 'new' fabric in the mix is the black and white polka dot.

These were the only blue and green fabrics I had so I knew I had to do some clever cutting and piecing to make sure I had enough.

 The red fabric was intended to be a heart from the start and was the inspiration behind the design.
 I had to add that darker blue piece to the top in order to make a strip that was wide enough.
 Each individual strip is pieced...
And here is the finished top.
It will be a small quilt, about 36X43, and it'll be awhile before I get around to quilting it. But at least I was able to get it out and get on with other chores.  And I'm glad to say that all my other deadlines have been met this week!

I'm curious to know, have you ever been hit by inspiration at a weird time and you just had to let it out?


  1. This is wonderfully cheery! And yes, when inspiration strikes you've got to go with it! I think that is why I have so many unfinished quilts! LOL

  2. Beautiful! Yes, I'm the same way when inspiration strikes... I guess that would explain why my sewing list never seems to shorten. ;o)

  3. i love this quilt. thank you for sharing your process as is fun to see the quilt in motion almost

  4. What a fun quilt! It reminds me of the stack of books by my bed :)

    Usually I can satisfy my inspirations by sketching them out, but sometimes I end up putting aside what I'm doing and switching gears.

  5. This is such a lovely design! Who knew housework would be so inpspiring:)

  6. You are so amazing at improv, this is awesome, I love solids!

  7. When inspiration have to answer, I know the feeling well. Fabulous colours.

  8. This is so cute! And some nice blues! It will make a lovely quilt. House works gives plenty of time to think about new designs. Too much time too think and not that much to sew. When an idea strikes like this, I try to take the time to stop and make a little sketch!

  9. What an amazing little quilt - I love it!

  10. Inspiration usually hits me on the head, hard, and it's impossible to ignore. Best to just go along...

  11. Love this and thanks for sharing your process!

  12. I was captivated by your description of the pull of your quilt muse! Glad you gave in -- this is lovely and unique! I do love the colors...

  13. When I'm hit I usually just jot it down in my sketch book. Your quilt top looks awesome, the colors are really pretty!

  14. Love the color combo and the work-in-progress photos. And yes, definitely. And that's when the next thing on my to-do list (usually the project with a pressing deadline) becomes a chore. Ultimately it's just easier to give in!