Friday, September 16, 2011

A new quilt

Just a few minutes ago, I join over 700 other bloggers in taking the Process Pledge.  So here are some details about the quilt I am working on now. 
Continuing with the theme of crosses, I decided to take one single cross and blow it up to cover the entire quilt.
I made a sketch on graph paper so that I could work out the proper proportions

and to figure out how to cut my fabric.
I knew that I wanted the finished size to be about 40X40 so I cut my fabric accordingly.
I then added blue strips at the ends of the cross because I wanted to create a border around the cross.  I didn't want the cross to stretch out to the end as in my last quilt.
Next,I added the blue 'blocks' on the four corners and pieced my rows.
Before stitching the three rows together, i found the center of each row by folding it in half and pressing a little mark into it with my iron.
I lined up the pressed marks and pinned the rows right sides facing before stitching.

The block, or in this case, the entire quilt front is done!
So simple!

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  1. Thanks for sharing some great tips; it never occurred to me to mark the center points and match there too.