Monday, September 12, 2011

Citrus Quilt, Done!

Was it that long ago (in early June!) that I started this quilt?

When school is out in the summer, it's hard to find long stretches of time to work on the big quilt projects.  But now  the kids are back in school and I was able to complete 2 large quilts! 
The first is my yellow, orange and gray quilt which has been named (as per my son's suggestion): Citrus!
As is the case with many quilts I see, I think I like the back more!
Yellow is my favorite color and I really like the simplicity of the back against the heavy quilting lines.  So maybe I'll just say that this is a reversible quilt-to be switched around to suit one's mood!

My camera battery is now being charged so that I can take pictures of my completed cross quilt (which was started in April!).

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