Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Card Case Tutorial

This is a great project for using up all your little scraps of fabric.
The case can be used for business cards, gift cards, or as a needle case.
You can download PDF here


Make two pattern pieces from cardboard in the following measurements:

A) 1 piece @ 4 ½ in. X 5 in.
B) 1 piece @ 4 ½ in. X 3 in.

Using pattern piece A) cut:

2 from main fabric
1 from batting
1 from heavy interfacing

Using pattern piece B) cut:

1 from fabric (fold this piece in half so that you now have a 1 ½ X 4 ½ in. rectangle). This will be the pocket for the case.

You will also need to cut a 1 ½ X 33in. strip of fabric for the binding and the tie. 


Lay your pieces on the table as follows:

Fabric piece(A) wrong side up
Fabric piece(A) wrong side down

(you are essentially making a quilt sandwich with an added layer of interfacing)

Place the pocket along the bottom edge of the quilt sandwich, matching raw edges.
Pin all layers together.


Sew down the bottom edge of the pocket using 1/8 in. seam allowance.
Mark a line down the center of the quilt sandwich.  Stitch along this line through all the layers.

From the binding strip, cut off a 10in. piece to use for the tie.

Fold over one short end about ½ in. Press.

Fold each of the long edges in at ¼ in. Press.

Fold the whole strip in half lengthwise. Press.

Topstitch along the open edge of the strip.

Place the tie on the quilt sandwich on the opposite side of the pocket and the opposite end. Pin in place.

Bind the quilt using your favourite method, making sure to sew in the tie.
Your card case is now complete!

This tutorial is for personal use only :) 

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